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Welcome to Direct Hardware UK! We are committed to supplying UK homeowners and tradespeople with the widest range of architectural ironmongery products at the lowest prices. From fittings and hinges to locks and latches, it is our goal to offer a range of nickel, brass and stainless steel ironmongery which will satisfy every taste and budget.

With an ironmongery suppliers in every town, why would you choose to shop for architectural ironmongery online? As an internet retailer, we are able to avoid many of the overheads which traditional shops are forced to pass on to the customer. And even the largest ironmongery wholesalers in the UK only have so much shelf space in their showrooms – what if you can’t find the exact product you’re looking for?

On the other hand, buying from an ironmongery online UK retailer offers many advantages. If you are working to a deadline on site, or making repairs at home, you may not have time to go to town and shop around for architectural ironmongery products. Finding the items you need in our shop and ordering them for delivery can all be done in a single coffee break. What’s more, our shop never closes. Working late and need to get your parts on order as soon as possible? No problem!

On top of all this, our competitive prices and flexible delivery options – including free mainland UK delivery on architectural ironmongery orders over £50.00 – make shopping for ironmongery online the smart choice. And here at Direct Hardware, our experienced and knowledgeable team are always ready to answer your questions and help you find just what you’re looking for, so please don’t hesitate to contact us. Architectural ironmongery is something of a specialised area, so having access to reliable advice can make all the difference.

A wider choice and a better deal on all architectural ironmongery products is our goal. You’ll find comprehensive details in the write up for each product, but if you need further information we’re here to help. Don’t forget to bookmark our site for the future!