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Victorian Brass Door Handles

Here at Direct Hardware UK, we have ten different styles of Victorian brass door handles for you to choose from. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, giving a golden yellow colour. The proportions of copper and zinc are combined in a variety of ways.

Victorian brass door handles offer a sense of sophistication, with its decorative style appealing due to its gold-like appearance. Practically, it is also perfectly suitable for door handles as low friction is required. Traditional door handles consist of a bolt or spindle that runs directly through it, sitting just above a cylinder, where the spindle is connected so that when you turn the handle, the cylinder is pulled in the direction of the turn.

At Direct Hardware UK, we have a range of different Victorian brass door handles, which come in pairs to be attached either side of the door. Designs include a curved scroll style, or a straight, flat style. There are different options for locking doors, for private areas such as bathrooms, as well as lever latch door handles, which don’t lock.

For more information about our Victorian brass products or any other items, please get in touch with us at Direct Hardware UK.

£8.95 (Inc Vat)
£8.95 (Inc Vat)