Bathroom Door Fittings

Fittings for bathroom doors are unique among door furniture as they have a specific set of requirements.  In most cases, a bathroom door must be opened from both sides but locked and unlocked from one side only.  The locking mechanism may or may not include a marker to warn anyone approaching the door that the bathroom is occupied.  In the case of domestic bathroom door fittings, a simple light-duty sliding bolt lock has long been considered the way to go.  But these days, there are many more practical and stylish options available to interior designers and decorators.

At Direct Hardware UK, our goal is to supply a wide range of high quality architectural ironmongery products at great prices.  These include door handles and knobs, hinges, closers, locks and latches, and yes, even bathroom door fittings!  By trading exclusively online, we keep our prices down while offering products of all shapes and sizes and in a vast range of finishes.  What’s more, we can offer free delivery on orders over £50 within the UK mainland.

However, our greatest asset here at Direct Hardware UK is our knowledgeable and dedicated team.  With years of trade experience and a friendly manner, they are ready to advise and assist you with any purchase, search for solutions to a problem you might be having, or help you find the perfect product for your project.  In the case of fittings for bathroom doors, we can help you select the type and colour of product you need, and have it on its way to you within hours.

Fittings for Bathroom Doors – The Options

Most bathroom doors themselves are simply interior doors similar to those in the rest of the property.  It is the bathroom door fittings which make them different, so getting the setup right is important.  As has already been mentioned, simply adding a bolt which will prevent the door being opened from the outside will do the job, but most householders – and certainly almost all commercial businesses and other organizations – will expect more these days.

So, what can a designer do to ensure a bathroom door works as it should and looks the part?  That all depends on the context.  In a dwelling, especially a small one such as an apartment, householders may prefer that the bathroom door match all the other interior doors in the property in every particular.  After all, no one wants the smallest room to be the first impression visitors get when walking in through the front door of their home!  So it’s a good idea to make sure the exterior door handle looks just like all the others.  (Fortunately, Direct Hardware UK carry a huge range of door knobs and handles in stock!)

In a business or public building, on the other hand, it’s better to make it quite clear which door leads to the restrooms, for the – ahem – convenience of customers and visitors.  An indicator panel to signal when the room is occupied may also be helpful.  Contact Direct Hardware UK today for more options or information.

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