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Here at Direct Hardware UK, the quality online ironmongery specialist, door catches and latches are the nuts and bolts of our business, if you will.  Almost every building in the UK has one or several doors, and all of these doors require various combinations of door latches and lock arrangements.  It is our goal to supply high quality door locks and handles for every application, all at unbeatable prices.

Lock and latch sets must be robust, reliable, and easy to fit, and preferably look good once they have been fitted to the door.  All the lock and latches available from Direct Hardware UK are selected to fit these criteria, however with all the variety available it can sometimes be a little challenging to find exactly what you’re looking for.  Our web store features an excellent search function to help you to navigate through the various manufacturers, designs and styles featured in our catalogue.  If you still have any difficulty in locating the perfect door locks and handles for your needs, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly and professional team who will be more than happy to help.

The main types of mortice locks are as follows:

3 Lever Locks

A mortice lock comprises a barrel containing several needle-like levers arranged in a row.  When a key is slid into the barrel, the levers are pushed aside by the teeth of the key.  Therefore, only a key with the right arrangement of teeth for that particular lock will engage the levers correctly and open the door.  The more levers, the less likely an unauthorized person is to find a key which fits your lock.

3 lever locks, as the name suggests, have three levers within the barrel. This makes them secure enough for internal doors, and storage areas like cupboards.  3 lever locks are light in weight so shouldn’t alter the balance of light internal doors.

3 Lever Sashlocks

Sash locks are units which contain a mortice lock with a handle-and-latch arrangement in a single body.  3 lever sash locks are therefore suitable for bedroom doors, studies, etc.

3 Lever Deadlocks

A deadlock is a mortice lock on its own, without a handle or latch.  3 lever dead locks can be used for additional security on internal doors which already have latches.

5 Lever Locks

5 lever locks are more secure thanks to their added complexity.  Insurance companies may require dwellings to have 5 lever locks on external doors.

5 Lever Sashlocks

5 lever sash locks combine locks and latches in a single, highly secure unit.

5 Lever Deadlocks

The ultimate mortice lock for security, 5 lever dead locks combine a five lever barrel with a solid face plate which is very difficult to pick.

At Direct Hardware UK, we keep many models of 3 lever locks and 5 lever locks in stock for immediate dispatch.  We also carry window furniture, door closers, door hinges, handles and knobs, panic hardware, door signs, and much more.

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