Jigtech Latches – How they work?

The Smart door fitting system has many helpful parts and accessories to make fitting latches to the doors in your home a simple process. Cutting mistakes are eliminated with this system. The Smartlatch Jig works in harmony with your door latch to give you a quick, no fuss, clean application, without the need for measuring and measuring again.  Jigtech latches comes in the two different standard sizes to fit your needs, and in a number of finishes and styles to meet with your preferences.

Before the Jigtech latch components came on the scene the process was laborious, fiddly and complicated. Requiring access through two different cut holes that need to be concentric in order to sit and set your door handle, latch, and striker plate in line with each other, it may have seemed a task only a professional joiner or elite handyman could accomplish.

The Jigtech process is simple.  Once you have chosen and marked where on the door you wish for your handle or door knob to be placed, selecting the correct smart latch for your door requires only one measurement (the distance to the spindle door centre from the latch itself) in order for you to choose the correct door jig setting for your door.  The beauty is that these measurements are standard, making it easy for you to choose the correct setting on your jig and the correct latch from your hardware store. This method can reduce the fitting time from an average of 30 minutes to 5 minutes.  With its unique self-centring ability, it can be placed on any door regardless of its thickness.

For the suitable hole saws for your latch Jigtech provides a kit, which includes the jig, the hole saws with arbors, a spade bit and two extra tools (a keep locater and a latch tapper). These products that can be provided as a door jig set will make fitting your door latch easy and accurate every time.  The tapper allows you to set the latch into the door, nice and snug into where you cut your bore out, without damaging the spring bolt.  All of these tools work in harmony to produce a professional cut and finish to your door, that anybody can achieve.

The door jig spade bit also takes away any margin for error, with a measurement marked on the part, letting you know how far you need to drill into the door frame to fit your striker plate and keep.

Direct Hardware UK, in respect of the modern innovative technologies created to make these sorts of professional fittings possible, stock all of the Jigtech parts and kits.  This means you can use this one stop shop to buy everything you need, delivered straight to your door.  we also supply door handles, hinges, and much more.

Should you require some advice on your purchase, Direct Hardware UK hire highly trained staff who know the hardware products you require, and they know the construction industry well.

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